Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Take control of your online reputation to bring more customers to your door.

Managing Reviews

Do you Google a new restaurant or business before trying it out? We all do. Locations with poor customer review ratings will get glanced over for other locations with better ratings. Accurate or not, it’s a fact of life now.

Your customers are online, and are talking about you on their preferred channel: Facebook, Google Reviews, Yelp, and Trip Advisor.

How Not to Handle Reviews

A negative review left unanswered can be damaging to your reputation and customers have an expectation that negative reviews will be responded to.

Business owners need to take control and manage their reputation online in order to succeed offline.

The short answer is that if you don’t manage your reputation and reviews online, you will be losing out on potential new customers who read these reviews prior to visiting your business.   Launching an advertising campaign when a Reputation Management strategy is not in place, can result in unforeseen results.

Prior to any campaign, if your reviews are not overwhelming positive (4 star and above), it’s worth while to address this and solicit positive reviews and address any negative reviews.

It’s hard not to take a negative review personally, but simply addressing it immediately and professionally, can go a long way to showing new customers that you care.

Most importantly, NEVER attack the customer.

Step 1: Breath and don’t react.
Step 2: Evaluate the situation.  Is there any truth to it?
Step 3: Respond back to the customer politely and professionally, while addressing their concerns
Step 4: Thank them for taking the time to share their review.

A good response goes a long way to handling a negative review.

We all know that a customer with a negative experience is quick to leave a scathing review, while most customers with a positive experience simply don’t leave a review.

A simple solution to this is to encourage your customers to leave you a review as part of your customer service.  A happy customer encouraged to leave a review will be more likely to provide you with the 5 star review you are looking for.