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If you’ve never worked with a Marketing Agency, it could be quite daunting. I’ve been on the other side of a Marketing Agency many times prior to starting Wizards of Social and I never really understood what I was paying for and the kind of results I could expect. The sales people just wanted me to sign a contract that would commit me to their agency for a certain period of time, whereas, I was concerned about wasting my money if it didn’t work out. This can be scary.

I also used to believe that hiring an in-house marketing specialist would be better than outsourcing to a Marketing Agency. I thought that no one outside of our company could possibly understand our product/service better than us. I was mistaken.

A Marketing Agency can bring a few things to the relationship.
1. Expertise – we live and breath marketing
2. Processes – we’ve done it before
3. Clarity – we look at your business differently
4. Results – we deliver you leads and sales

I wanted to do something different at Wizards of Social. We are not in the business of selling you on our services. We are in the business of delivering you results!

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